10 year anniversary

Celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of SWD Essex with Our Fantastic Double Glazing Deals!

It’s our 10 Year Anniversary!

We are very excited to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary thioffers and dealss year! On the 13th December 2005, SWD Essex began trading, and quickly flourished to become the highly successful double glazing company it is today.

Without you, our loyal customers, we certainly wouldn’t have become the double glazing company we are now, and we would like to thank you for all the incredible support and for coming back to us again and again. Here at SWD we’re very passionate about high-quality double glazing, and while cost-effective products are great, the quality of the double glazing you receive is the most important factor. So why not get the best of both worlds?

We’re offering the same, high-quality double glazing, for less than half the price on selected products! As a big thank you, and to celebrate that Christmas is just around the corner, we would like to celebrate with some fantastic discounts and deals on our superb double glazing. We’re including windows, doors and conservatories, so there really is something for everybody in this deal. Not only are we cutting prices, but we’re also treating our valued customers by allowing a buy now, pay later scheme!

We Have Exclusive Double Glazing Offers for You!


55% Off our Fantastic Windows, Doors and Conservatories!

Thinking of renovating your Essex home in the new year, but a little unsure about forking out so close to Christmas? There’s no need to worry! Take advantage of this fantastic, one-time offer of our less than half-price windows, doors and conservatories, and you’ll be getting the same exceptional quality for up to 55% off!

uPVC doors basildon

There’s no better time to buy, and with our high-quality products paired with unbelievable prices, you can spend that little bit extra on your family, knowing these home improvements won’t pull too hard on your purse strings.

double glazing discounts




Lacking in Funds due to Christmas? Buy Now and Pay Later!

Want to get up to 55% off but not sure you’ll be able to get the money together right away? You’ll love our second celebration deal!

We’re offering a fantastic buy now pay later deal, where you can save those Christmas funds and pay in 2017!

uPVC Doors

There’s no need to wait until payday for our beautiful windows, doors and conservatories for your Essex home, especially as we appreciate your money may be tied up in your special Christmas fund. That’s no problem for SWD Essex. Take advantage of our buy now pay later scheme!

For as little as £15 a month, we can sort all those pesky double glazing home improvements you’ve been worrying about, and you won’t have to pay right away. So go ahead and buy that extra Christmas present this year – with our exclusive buy now, pay later scheme on double glazed windows, doors and conservatories, you won’t have to pay until 2017!

double glazing dicsounts

Both of these fantastic deals are running from the 18th November until the 29th February, so make sure you get in touch quickly, as this is an exclusive offer to celebrate our 10 year anniversary – we really wouldn’t want you to miss out! Everything will be back up to full-price before you know it, so get your double glazing deal here today before it’s too late!

We can’t wait to hear about your exciting double glazing home improvements for your Essex home – contact us or get an instant online quote. Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary with us today -these offers aren’t to be missed!