Roof Lanterns, Essex

Roof lanterns are an incredibly sought after design among architects and designers because of the natural injection of light they provide to a room. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a room or give the sense of more space, a roof lantern can add an eye catching focal point whilst providing a view of the sky. They exude elegance and class whilst giving off a high end feel that instantly makes your home feel more expensive and grand.

Installing roof lanterns comes with a wide range of benefits:

  • Less reliance on artificial light
  • Gives the illusion of more space and higher ceiling
  • Lightweight and slimline
  • Increases thermal efficiency
  • Saves you money and energy

The Popularity of the Roof Lantern

Roof lanterns, sometimes known as skylights, come in several bespoke designs to complement your property and the space that they are being installed into. Once used throughout the 16th century to aid the growth of citrus trees, they became a staple feature in Victorian homes and were associated with affluent and rich society.

Today roof lanterns have certainly advanced to be a popular and modern feature in a home that can provide a beautiful focal point in a property that draws the eye and makes the room feel welcoming and inviting. They provide a number of excellent benefits as well as being aesthetically pleasing, which makes them a perfect home improvement solution.

Roof Lanterns Essex
Roof Lanterns Essex

Making your Essex Home Environmentally Friendly

Our roof lanterns are created using a cutting-edge design and can add vibrancy to lifeless spaces. They are versatile as well, meaning that you can install them into almost any flat roof, extension or conservatory.

With all of the light that roof lanterns allow into your home, you’ll find that you’ll rely less on artificial light which will result in lower electricity bills and help lower your carbon footprint. Including energy efficient glazing will enhance this feature and keep your home warm all year round.

Although roof lanterns are more costly to install than artificial lighting, daylight is completely free and is an environmentally friendly source of light. Think about the money you could save on electricity bills in the long run, with a roof lantern that excels at driving light into your home.

Give your Health a Boost

A wonderful advantage to installing roof lanterns is the benefit to you and your family’s health, with the exposure to natural light known to improve our general well being and life energy levels and mood.

The light that floods into your home will transform the atmosphere of any room and makes the space feel substantially bigger It also invites you to see fantastic aerial views that you’ll benefit from both night and day.

Roof Lantern Prices Essex
Roof Lanterns Essex

Concerned About Privacy?

If you’re home in Essex has neighbours homes close by, you’ll want to make sure you have privacy from prying eyes. Our roof lanterns can be tailored to your needs to that if you need them set at a certain angle to prevent nearby buildings from seeing inside, we can take this into consideration when creating your lanterns.

You can still have privacy and beautiful roof lanterns that provide exceptional light into your home. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we can put together the perfect roof lantern design for your needs.

Extra Ventilation and Easy Cleaning

Our roof lanterns are incredibly low maintenance. We have designed all of our lanterns to be easy to open to allow extra ventilation and provide simple solutions for adding air and breathability to your home.

Our roof lanterns are extensively tested too so that we know they’re able to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. You can be confident that you’ll be receiving a high quality and high performance product.

Roof Lanterns Prices Essex

Roof Lantern Prices Essex

If you’re interested adding a roof lantern to your property in Essex, you can get a free and easy quote for your home improvement project. Simple see down below for our NEW Lantern Roof Quote, however, if you have any questions at all or you’d like to discuss our conservatory range, simply get in touch with our friendly team. We would be happy to talk you through our range and answer any queries you may have.