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Top Tips For Looking After Your New Windows and Doors

  • A Thorough Wash

    One of the easiest ways of keeping your uPVC windows and doors clean is to simply use warm soapy water. Just dilute the washing up liquid in a bowl with plenty of warm water and using a gentle cloth, wipe over all the visible parts of your windows and doors.

    Rinse any suds away with clean water and then dry to a polished finish with a dry cloth. Even our wood effect finishes require this same simple maintenance. We suggest keeping away from abrasive cloths and cleaners, as this could scratch your finish and damage the appearance.

  • Keeping The Glazing Clean

    Much like the profiles of your windows and doors, the glass requires cleaning to remove dirt and grease. There are countless glass cleaners available in your local supermarket, and you can make your own by diluting vinegar with plenty of water.

    Whichever cleaning solution you choose for the glass, polishing them with a dry cloth will create a streak-free and crystal clear finish. Keeping the glass clean will ensure a bright, airy living space.

  • Remove Any Dirt or Debris

    When your windows and doors are open, or when the weather is particularly bad, dirt and grit can get into the gaps of the profile. Simple removal of this will ensure excellent performance and long lasting operation.

    You can remove any dirt or debris with the mild soapy water. Both a cloth and old toothbrush are ideal, ensuring hard to reach areas are sufficiently cleaned.

  • Oiling Your Windows and Doors

    As with all double glazing, our windows and doors feature mechanical parts, such as pivot points, locks and hinges. Keeping these working parts clean is both simple and vitally important.

    Just one drop of oil on all moving points every six months is all that’s required. If you prefer, use a spray bottle. This helps them to maintain their slick operation that you expect from quality double glazing.

  • Removing Stubborn Dirt

    Sometimes, particularly after heavy rain storms, or if you live in high traffic areas, your windows and doors will suffer from stubborn dirt which can be tough to remove. As we said above, please don’t turn to abrasive cloths or cleaning solutions, instead, we recommend that you use a specific high grade uPVC solvent cleaner.

    This product can usually be purchased from a local hardware shop, so it’s easy to find. Follow the instructions on the packaging and apply with a soft cloth to maintain the beautiful finish of your windows and doors. Our top tip is to be careful not to use it on the silicone seals, as they could begin to lift away.

  • Check Your Weather Seals and Gaskets

    Your windows and doors have been specifically designed to protect your home from leaks and draughts and to do this, they feature innovative weather seals and gaskets. This technology can sometimes slide out of place, so simply move it back to where it should be, however, if it is damaged or broken, it will need to be replaced.

    Get in touch with our friendly team and we will be on hand with advice and if needed repairs, to keep your double glazing performing at its best.

uPVC Maintenance

Whether you get your windows, doors or roofline from SWD, we want you to have great value for money, so we are always on hand with aftercare advice and guidance. Our experts will help you to ensure your double glazing operates to the highest standards and will last for many years to come.

Contact us for more information or support with your new double glazing installation in Basildon and Essex.

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