Aluminium Double Glazing Essex

At SWD, we offer aluminium double glazing for homes in Essex. With an advanced material like aluminium, you’ll have double glazing that is more secure, more efficient and more rewarding for your home.

We use aluminium frames inĀ our bi-fold doors, and feature brilliant double glazing across our product range. That way, you can enhance your home with a new window, door or extended space that saves you money on energy bills.

With SWD, you can guarantee that you’ll get quality products that transform your home for the better. We’re a family-run business with more than 20 years of experience in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Our aluminium double glazing doesn’t just improve your home. It can give you valuable peace of mind as well, thanks to aluminium’s strength and durability. Aluminium and double glazing can continue to perform for your home for decades with little-to-no maintenance.

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Our Aluminium Double Glazing Partners

To ensure your aluminium double glazing makes a genuine difference to your Essex home, we work with market-leading partners. Our aluminium has exceptional performance, while our double glazing has terrific insulation. With our products, you can save a considerable amount on your household bills.


SMART is the leading company for aluminium frames in the UK. Their aluminium is durable and lightweight, meaning you get a slimline frame that still secures your home. With aluminium double glazing, you can get beautiful views and natural light without worrying about safety.

SMART aluminium is also fully weatherproof. That means your new double glazing products won’t be damaged or worn down by adverse weather. As well as saving more energy in your Essex home, aluminium double glazing can protect it as well.


We also work with Yale to provide essential security. Yale produces locks, handles and other security features that are concealed by aluminium frames. With hidden hardware, your double glazing will retain its style.

As well as that, your double glazing will be a nightmare for intruders to break into. With an aluminium frame, unwanted visitors won’t be able to get to the security features. That way, you can enjoy your Essex home with added peace of mind.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

At SWD, we offer aluminium bi-fold doors as a standout addition to any property. These unique doors make the most of our aluminium frames. With advanced aluminium double glazing, you can pair brilliant style with even better energy saving for your Essex home.

The double glazing traps heat inside its panels to create a thermal barrier for your home. That way, you can insulate it from cold weather outside, as well as keeping your home’s warmth inside. Therefore, you’ll benefit from a more comfortable living space.

As well as that, the aluminium frames offer style and strength. Working with SMART, we’re proud to offer aluminium that improves your home’s insulation even further. Because of this, our bi-fold doors can save you massive amounts of money on your energy bills.

Additionally, aluminium bi-fold doors are perhaps the boldest design in our range. They use expansive panels of double glazing and slim aluminium to offer outstanding views. As well as that, their folding system means you get a vast space for fresh air to fill your home when the doors are open.

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Benefits of Aluminium Double Glazing

Aluminium double glazing is a superior option across your home. It is a durable material that can transform how you use your living space. With brilliant insulation, superb security and many more features, aluminium can work to benefit your home in significant ways.

For a start, your home can benefit from reduced energy usage. Aluminium double glazing works to create a thermal barrier for your home, protecting it from cold weather outside. With fewer draughts to deal with, you can stay comfortable inside your home while spending less on your energy bills.

As well as that, you can make your home safer. Aluminium is a remarkably powerful material that can reinforce bi-fold doors. They feature concealed security hardware that your frames will work to protect. That way, intruders will find it almost impossible to tamper with your doors.

Additionally, you can ensure that your home’s space remains a private place for your family to enjoy. Aluminium not only enhances your home with reinforced security and weather protection, but it also keeps sound out. With brilliant noise insulation, you’ll be free to spend time together without being distracted.
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Aluminium Double Glazing Prices Essex

Aluminium double glazing is the gold standard for your Essex home. To save money on energy bills and enhance your home, then talk to SWD today.

We offer an interactive double glazing quote builder that puts you in control of your new addition. You can choose from endless options across all aspects of your double glazing, and you can get an instant quote as well.

Alternatively, ask us anything using our online contact form, or call us today on 01268 281 400 to talk to us about your aluminium double glazing ideas.

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