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Composite Doors Basildon

Prices start from £1850 for a 70mm double rebated composite door.

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Composite Doors Basildon

Composite Doors Basildon

Composite front doors are fast becoming the must-have home improvement in Basildon thanks to their superior performance and stunning style. You can enhance your Basildon home with quality double rebate 70mm composite front doors from SWD Essex in no time at all. Our composite doors are efficiently installed, as they are all made to measure, ensuring you get the perfect fit.

The benefits and features of composite doors for your Basildon home are numerous, making them the residential doors of choice throughout the area. You can expect fantastic thermal efficiency and security when you choose composite front doors, as well as visual appeal which will enhance your home in Essex.

  • Weatherproof

    Against even the most extreme weather, robust composite doors excel in keeping the elements at bay.

  • High Insulation Foam Core

    The durable core of our composite doors is manufacture for maximum thermal efficiency.

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

    Keep your carbon footprint low with our energy efficient profiles. Our doors retain heat to keep energy bills low.

  • High Security

    Composite doors use market-leading locks for the safety of your home and family.

  • Glazing Options

    Complete your door with our glazing choices and decorative glass, for a unique look to your home.


Composite front doors are one of the most stunning home improvements that you could choose in Basildon. They offer a superb timber alternative, with a replica wood finish that is truly authentic. Whichever door you choose, we can accommodate your decisions.

These impressive composite front doors are also available in a wide range of panel designs to suit your home. You can opt for something elegant and traditional to complement the classical style of your property. If you have a more modern home, then there are more minimalist and stylish contemporary designs.

Colours and Finishes

Our composite front doors are available in a wide range of colour finishes, including bright, bold shades such as violet and sky blue or more muted colours such as leaf green and rosewood to blend in with your home. You can even choose to have one colour on the external door and then on the inside, choose something different to complement your interior décor.

This is then enhanced by the superb variety of glazing options. Choose from decorative glass to create a feature or obscured glass for more privacy. Finally, to complete the look of your composite front door, you can choose from a range of hardware options and accessories. We offer a variety of knockers, spy holes, cat flaps and letter boxes to make your finished door perfect for you.


Our composite front doors provide the most exceptional security performance to protect your Basildon home. Each door is constructed with a solid foam core which is then covered in a glass reinforced plastic skin. This creates a strong and sturdy profile which is almost impossible to break.

Our composite front doors are fitted with the most impressive high security locking systems so that your new front door offers maximum protection. This superior performance is only enhanced by the secure locking mechanisms are made from state of the art materials for protection from potential break ins.

When security is a vital consideration for modern Basildon home improvements, it is great to know that your new composite front doors have been approved after meeting the stringent standards set by Secured by Design. This police-backed specification means that our composite front doors have been thoroughly tested and achieve exceptional standards.

The solid core is enhanced by the durable overlay, combining to create an incredibly strong profile. Your door will withstand even the most intense and long-lasting physical attacks due to its inherent strength. Your home and family will be protected when you choose a composite door from SWD.

Energy Efficiency

The clever construction of our composite front doors makes them superbly insulating. This benefits your Basildon home in so many ways. Firstly, you can enjoy a warmer environment where heat is kept within the home and cold air is excluded. This means that with our composite front doors, you may well need to use less heating and so you could even save on your energy bills.

Composite front doors are even capable of withstanding the most incredible winter storms without any negative impact on their beauty or performance. They are exceptionally durable, and they will protect your home from all weathers. Composite doors won’t warp, rot or deteriorate thanks to our high-quality materials.

In addition to this, the insulating properties of our composite front doors also work to eliminate noise pollution from your Basildon home. You can enjoy a quieter and more peaceful living space where you can relax after a long hard day without any disturbance from the busy world outside.

Composite Door Prices Basildon

If you would like to find out more about our composite doors, including manufacturing times, installation and costs, please do contact us. We have an expert team on hand to provide you with all the advice and guidance you need as well as answer any questions you may have.

You can also get a free composite doors price for your Basildon home through our online door designer. Pick and choose the elements and features to create your perfect composite door and see how much it will cost you. SWD would love to hear from you today!