upvc door prices basildon

uPVC Doors Basildon

We have over 20 years experience installing a superb range of uPVC doors in homes throughout Basildon, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Dartford, Billericay, Canvey Island or wider Essex area.

uPVC Doors Basildon

Live in Basildon? Fancy sprucing up your home with one of our new uPVC doors? Then we have the answer for you. Why not try our brilliant products from Solar Windows & Doors? Not only are our products modern and versatile, they provide Basildon, Essex homes with an enhanced sense of security!

One of our most sought after products are undeniably our uPVC Doors. Our uPVC Doors are incredibly popular with all of our customers, and we have a wide range of different options available.

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Patio & Stable Doors

For households with children or pets that can perhaps fit through small spaces, Stable Doors may be perfect for you. Our Stable Doors have two sections and can open on their own! They’re flexible, convenient and versatile. And they’re impossible to break into! The security on these doors is absolutely fantastic. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing your home is safe and sound.

If you’re interested in opening up your home to rays of sunshine, then we think Patio Doors may be what you’re looking for! They’re recognisable for opening neither outwards nor inwards, providing a lot more space in your home. They’re child friendly, have maximum security, and also come with a 10 year guarantee (like all of our doors!)


French uPVC Doors

Our French doors are perhaps some of our most popular we have to offer. Connecting your garden and home area, they work brilliantly as conservatory doors or perhaps for your patio area. Everyone in Essex either has them, or wants them! What are the benefits? They are highly secure with Yale Lockmaster multipoint locks with added shootbolts! They also come with a 10 year guarantee! We repeat, 10 YEARS. Take a look at the benefits of French doors here!

Bi-Fold uPVC Doors

If you’re looking for something more contemporary perhaps, Bi-Fold Doors provide a welcome alternative. Waterproof and weather resistant, they are energy efficient and thermally insulated. Not only that, they’re sound proof! They’re brilliant at providing a lot of space and welcoming plenty of natural light into your home.

Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors are a brilliant option for your front door. For owners in Essex who want to upgrade from a traditional timber door but have a door with the same aesthetic, Composite Doors are what you need. They require little maintenance. And we mean that. They never need a repaint, never rot, and are scratch-resistant! Just give them a wipe down every so often and they’ll look as good as new!

upvc door costs baisldon

If you still have questions regarding our products, get in touch through our online contact form. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 01268 281400 and speak to a member of our team.

upvc door price basildon

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uPVC Door Prices Basildon

Get in touch with us today and we’ll do our best to answer your queries. You can do so by filling out our request a call form. Alternatively, you can speak to us directly on 01268 281400, our team are always on hand to help you.

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