Composite Doors Canvey Island

Composite Doors Canvey Island

Upgrade your home in Canvey Island with one of our stunning new composite doors.

Composite Doors Canvey Island

SWD Windows and Doors Essex install luxurious composite doors throughout Canvey Island. Our entire range of attractive, made to measure composite doors are built to your specifications. If you’re are searching for an inviting, energy efficient and weather resistant door for your Canvey Island property, choose a composite.

There are many reasons why the majority of our customers choose a composite door over a slightly cheaper alternative. Mainly though, it boils down to this. For just a little extra money, you get one of the most thermally efficient, secure and weather resistant doors on the market! Composite doors are designed to stand the test of time in regards to their functionality and pleasing appearance.

Composite Doors are designed to gift your home with an appealing entrance. Why not choose a colour that amplifies the aesthetics of your property? As we previously mentioned, composite doors require little to no maintenance. From a decorative point of view, you will never need to go through the hassle of treating or painting your door.

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Key Features

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Choose a composite door that protects your home from the elements outside. Provide the ultimate in weatherproofing to your home in Canvey Island.

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Energy Efficient

Retain the heat in your property in Canvey Island and lower your homes carbon footprint. Our composite doors are superior when it comes to their energy efficiency.

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Glazing Options

If you are looking for glazing within your composite door, then we have a range of glazing styles to choose from. Whatever style of glass you are looking for, we can help.

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Add a protective insulating barrier between your home in Canvey Island and the outside world when you upgrade your front door with us.

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Threshold Options

Our composite doors have low threshold options so you can provide ease of access for wheelchair use and pushchairs. Whatever your door needs, we have you covered.

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Expertly Engineered

Choose a door that has been expertly engineered to provide you and your home in Canvey Island with superior quality.

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Superior Performance

Do you know what percentage of your heating escapes through poorly fitted windows and doors? Worryingly, it could be as high as 20%. Composite doors work to combat and minimise heat loss, saving you money on your expensive heating bills.

Composite doors get their superior energy efficiency from a polyurethane foam core. Essentially, this works the same way as roof and wall insulation does. A dense material that prevents warm air from seeping through, and cold air from entering your property. In short, the insulation within our composite doors improves your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money.

Composite doors also counteract noise pollution and protect your home from harsh weather conditions. Again, the internal foam insulation has its part to play, but on top of this, our composite doors benefit from high quality sealants around the perimeter of the frame. Greatly reduce the unwanted noise from the outside world and give your home greater weather protection, invest in a composite door.

We work with world renowned lock specialist Yale to deliver you peace of mind, and security, every single day. Here at SWD, we have such faith in Yale’s paramount locking systems that we fully support their generous warranties. Yale locks come with a ten year malfunction guarantee, and up to £1000 towards home contents insurance in the unlikely event of a forced entry.

Security Features

Rest assured that your home and family will be safe within your property with the addition of our highly secure composite door.

Low Maintenance

Choose a new door that is exceptionally low maintenance, that won't need repainting or varnishing overtime to keep it looking at its best.

Kerb Appeal

Our doors will maintain the aesthetics of your home in Chelmsford. Choose to blend your new door in seamlessly with your home or opt for a standout statement.

Composite Doors Canvey Island
Composite Door Accessories Canvey Island

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