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Composite Doors Essex

Composite Doors Essex

Make an impact by choosing composite doors that will separate your Basildon home from others. Our composite doors don’t just measure up to the competition – they leave them firmly in the distance, thanks to the choice of colours, glazing and other customisation options available when you choose to make an entrance with SWD Essex.

What makes our composite doors so unique? They are built by a leading manufacturer in the field. This means we will install a brand new composite front door in your home that isn’t just stunning to look at, but also meet and surpasses the minimum UK security requirements laid down by the industry’s regulatory bodies and organisations.

Composite doors provide the requisite strength and weatherproofing needed to rebuff most attempts by intruders to gain access to a Basildon home, while also standing up to extreme weather conditions that would in other cases cause the door to warp or rot. Instead, your entryway will continue to deliver high performance and visual value in the long-term.

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Energy Efficient Composite Doors

Our collection of composite doors offers superior thermal protection compared to their timber counterparts. The rising costs of energy bills these days means it’s important to choose a front door for your Basildon home that will keep the cold weather at bay, while at the same time locking the heat inside where it belongs. Invest in one of our brand new composite doors, and you’ll be able to relax in comfort all year round. From an environmental perspective, composite doors are a perfect choice. A thermally efficient home requires less heating to stay warm. This lowers the property’s carbon footprint, making it more ecologically friendly. Your brand new composite doors will, therefore, save you money and contribute to the wellbeing of the environment. You’ll be glad you invested in a brand new Ultimate GRP composite door.

An Array of Composite Door Designs

Not sure which of our composite doors is best for your home in Basildon? We’ll be able to talk you through the design options available and explain the relative merits of each product. If reproducing the rustic charm of a country residence is high on your agenda, you’ll be immediately attracted to Ultimate’s Cottage Short style, which uses a tongue and grooved plank to create a truly authentic design.

Making The Right Choice

If you like the Cottage Short style, but want to add a unique twist to your door, you should explore the Cottage Diamond design. Instead of a decorative vertical glass panel set in its centre, it features a diamond-shaped glazing area that is eye-catching. Whichever of these composite doors you prefer, you’ll benefit from a robust product that will look stunning in your Basildon home. Contact us for more details. Completing the look of our composite doors couldn’t be easier. A range of glazing and glass patterns can be selected when browsing our portfolio. If you want simplicity coupled together with elegant design, Ultimate’s Dual Glazed range is perfect. Choose from a standard dual-glazed design or upgrade to the Eyebrow or Arch options to add a unique touch and make your entrance door in Basildon stand out.

Unbeatable Security for Your Basildon Home

Ultimate composite doors aren’t just designed to look good – they’re designed to deliver superior performance. Most attempts to break-in to a property involve trying to gain access via the front door – so it’s important to invest in a product that will protect you and your family from most attempts to obtain illegal entry. The composite doors we install in your Basildon home will include high-security locks, even if you opt for a ‘basic’ model. Each door will be Secured by Design approved too, which means it meets the stringent criteria defined by the UK Police. The bonded glass in the door is laminated and is, therefore, harder to break. The steel hinge bolts built into our composite doors protect the hinges from violent impacts. Likewise, the industry-leading cylinders incorporated into each profile have been tested and can resist most attempts to break-in to a home. The cylinders have been BSI Kitemarked too and meet a very high standard.

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Start your home improvements journey today and get your free quote. Our handy online quoting engine will ask for your design choices and house dimensions, and we will offer you an accurate estimate. Alternatively, you can send us a online contact form or give us a call on 01268 281400.

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