composite doors braintree

Composite Front Doors Braintree

Improve your Braintree property with a high-quality composite front door.

Composite front doors are becoming more and more popular due to their high performance and striking style.

You can improve your Braintree home with high-grade composite front door from SWD Essex in no time at all.  Our composite front doors are always made to measure and efficiently installed to keep your house improvement projects on track.

The advantages and features of composite doors are numerous and it makes them a popular choice of front door throughout the area. They are superbly efficient, secure and offer a vast range of styles to suit your personality.

Our guide to composite doors in Braintree is here to help you discover just how superb these front doors are and how much they could utilise you home. Read on to find out more.

composite front doors braintree

Unbeatable Style- The fashionable composite front door

Composite front doors are one of the most striking enhancements you could choose for your Braintree home.

Made in a beautiful timber effect, composite front doors are also available in a wide range of panel designs to complement your home. The composite front door is adaptable to any sort of home, be it more traditional or modern, you can create your own ideal door.

Our composite front doors come in a range of colour finishes, from bright and bold reds to more subdued greens, we have the perfect colour to make you the perfect composite door. There’s even the option to have a different colour on the interior that could complement your hallway or porch.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also choose from a wide range of hardware and accessory options, which ensure that your composite front door will meet your aesthetic needs perfectly.  

Composite Doors are Highly Secure

Our composite front doors are incredibly secure so you can feel safe and protected in your Braintree home. Each door is constructed with a solid foam core which is covered in a glass reinforced plastic skin, creating a strong and sturdy profile which is nearly impossible to break

Our composite doors also feature high-class security locking mechanisms, and are approved by Secured by Design. This is the official UK Police flagship initiative to create national high-level security standards and means that our composite doors have been thoroughly tested and meet the highest security grade.


Save Money on Heating With Our Composite Doors

The way that our composite doors are constructed means that they are incredibly insulating and will benefit your Braintree home exponentially.

Our composite doors keep the heat in and the cold out, meaning that you could be using less central heating which could result in a decrease in your energy bills/

Our composite doors also help get rid of noise pollution in your Braintree home. Meaning you can feel more relaxed at home, or if you live in a lively house, give the neighbours a relaxed home instead!

Our composite doors are also made to withstand the harshest of storms without any impact on their performance. They are incredibly sturdy and will protect you from all sorts of weather.

composite doors braintree

Composite Front Door Prices Braintree 
Choosing the perfect composite door for your Braintree home is incredibly easy.

To get the ball rolling you can get in touch with our friendly team whose expert advice will help you find your dream front door. Or you use our online door designer and create the perfect door for yourself. Whatever you choose you can count on great price and value for money with SWD Essex.