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Conservatories Wickford

We have a wide selection of traditional conservatories in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all types of homes throughout Wickford and the surrounding areas. Designed by the industry leader, SWD, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect conservatory for your home.


Conservatories Wickford

Our conservatories are a central part of our product lineup. Homeowners in Wickford can enjoy a new social space flooded with natural light during the summer months. Our most popular options, the Victorian and Edwardian styles, offer similar advantages but with distinct design characteristics.

The Victorian Conservatories boast a traditional curved style with three or five facets, making them an excellent choice for expanding your living area without compromising your garden space. The intricate finials adorning the roof add a touch of luxury and elegance.

On the other hand, the Edwardian Conservatories provide a spacious and stylish solution for those considering a home extension. Their square design maximizes the available space and welcomes ample natural light, all while maintaining a more minimalist appearance compared to the grand gable end design. The use of plain, square glass walls offers an expansive and unobstructed view of your Wickford garden or patio areas. You can kickstart the process by obtaining a conservatory quote online today or exploring our range of custom styles below!

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Key features

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Colour Choices

We provide our selection of conservatories in an extensive array of beautiful colors, textures, and durable finishes.

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Multi Chambered Profile

Our conservatories contain a multi-chambered profile. Multi-chambered profiles are a crucial element in modern construction, contributing to improved thermal performance and sustainability in various architectural applications.

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Bespoke Service

Our team of skilled craftsmen handles all the work, ensuring that you receive a dependable and tailored service.

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Thermally Efficient

Our advanced conservatory roof systems excel in both heat retention and light diffusion. By keeping your home's temperature stable, they assist in lowering energy expenses for you and your Wickford property.

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Finishing Touches

You have the complete freedom to customize your build, whether it's through decorative cresting and roof finials or the integration of speaker systems.

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The conservatories in our selection are specially designed and engineered to provide Wickford homeowners with a completely watertight performance.

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Lean-To, Gable End and P-Shaped Conservatories

Lean to conservatories are a cost effective conservatory option and highly popular with Wickford homeowners. A great choice if you have limited space available as they have a low sloping roof. This style is an excellent conservatory option for bungalows which have lower roofs. The lean to design provides a minimalist and contemporary structure that compliments a variety of property styles, from period terraces to modern new builds.

Gable end conservatories offer a high angled roof to maximise the sunlight entering your room, for a warm and inviting ambience to enjoy throughout the year. You may wish to consider adding a ‘rising sun’ design to your new gable conservatory for a little charm and style. Gable ends are popular with Wickford homeowners with larger properties as they offer vaulted roofs.

P shaped conservatories combine the popular Edwardian conservatory design with another option, often a Victorian conservatory to create the unique P Shape. These are a superb choice if you have a larger property and garden area or even an unconventional building space as they are versatile and flexible when designing. The P shaped conservatory will provide you with a large extension, so you can make use of two separate living spaces in Wickford.


Our conservatories come with a ten year guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration from the date of installation.

Low Maintenance

Our conservatories feature materials and finishes that require minimal upkeep, allowing homeowners to enjoy their additional living space without the hassle of constant maintenance tasks.

Thermally Efficient

In today's climate of increasing energy expenses, prioritizing the thermal efficiency of your home becomes paramount. Our conservatories possess innate heat retention qualities, which can also translate into tangible savings on your heating costs!

Environmentally Friendly

The double glazing we incorporate into your conservatories adheres fully to the most recent British and European green standards, ensuring the highest level of environmental certification.

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Leave your details on our online contact form today if you'd like to discuss the build and installation of a new conservatory on finance today. We'll be more than happy to discuss our various options with you in Wickford.

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