glass conservatory roof Chelmsford

Conservatory Roofs Chelmsford

We install a superb range of conservatory roofs to homes in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

Conservatory Roofs Chelmsford

Enhance the performance of your Chelmsford home with our conservatory roofs. You may need an update on a current extension if your roof is underperforming. Or you may be investing in one of our stunning conservatories and are deciding on your roof style.

Here at SWD Essex, we can design an excellent new conservatory roof that rejuvenates your conservatory. Our conservatory roofs improve both the thermal performance and aesthetic appearance of your property in Chelmsford. For conservatories with problems such as thermal retention, it’s most likely your current roof causing the issue. You don’t have to invest in a brand-new extension if you notice it start to underperform.

Our dedicated team have over 20 years experience in double glazing. Each member has a wealth of knowledge and skills to expertly design and fit your new conservatory roof. We are a reliable, friendly company who are driven by customer satisfaction.

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We understand that the overall appearance of your property is essential to enjoy your space. Our conservatory roofs are designed to complement both your pre-existing conservatory and the appearance of the rest of your Chelmsford house.

When getting a conservatory roof from SWD Essex, you can freely select from a variety of different styles and designs that either matches your previous conservatory roof or alternatively, make your extension stand out.

We offer tiled and glass conservatory roof, both offering a robust structure to your extension. The solid roofs we install have the option for roof lanterns as an addition. The roof lanterns invite vast amounts of daylight in, brightening your home. Despite the large glass surface area, our lanterns are incredibly sturdy. The high-quality framing encases fantastic double glazing for an incredible feature to your Chelmsford home.

No matter what look it is that you are going for, talk to SWD today to find out more about how a new conservatory roof can enhance your house in Chelmsford.

Thermally Efficient

You may have begun to notice that over the years your conservatory has become less thermally efficient. It may also be lacking in the quality of performance. Our thermally-efficient roofing systems are manufactured to reach high energy ratings to keep your conservatory comfortable throughout the year. Older conservatories were previously made from polycarbonate as standard, but they have been proven time and again to supply poor performance and insulation. However, our conservatory roofs use market-leading materials favoured for their thermal retention properties. The energy-efficient roofing systems keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Increased Value

Should you ever choose to sell on at some point in the future, your conservatory can be a great feature that may both increase the value of your property and add to its desirability as a property. Conservatories are highly desirable commodities and can often be a deciding factor in a house purchase, so it is important that you have a roof that is both excellent in performance and outstanding in appearance.


From tiled conservatory roofs to the glass systems we offer, our conservatories are incredibly robust. The materials we use are tested on their weatherproofing abilities, reaching high standards in protection. Our conservatory roofs can withstand extreme force and weather, without damage. The system prevents any drafts or wet weather from seeping into your Chelmsford home, stopping any potential damp or rot occurring. Our roofs require little upkeep to keep performing at their best, ideal for those in busy households. Invest with us on your new conservatory roof.

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Start your home improvements journey with use today and use our online quoting engine. Simply enter your design choices and house dimensions, and we will provide you with a bespoke quote. Alternatively, you can get in touch through our online contact form, or give us a ring on 01268 281400.

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