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Our French casement windows have low maintenance, practical designs. With a wide opening flying central mullion, these windows can even be used as a fire escape if any emergency should arise. Get in touch today and get started on finding the ideal window for your Brentwood home.

uPVC French Casement Windows Brentwood

Just like the French door, these French casement windows would make a fantastic home improvement choice. The floating mullion function, when fully open, will give you brilliant and full views across the Brentwood landscape, also allowing you to usher more light into your home. uPVC French casement windows are also incredibly slim, giving even greater views. With traditional wooden looks, receive the benefits of the contemporary uPVC used.

From colour to handle shapes, we offer plenty of customisation options for you to peruse through, and the windows are also fully lead-free and completely recyclable. These French casement windows would look fantastic in any type of Brentwood property.

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Main features

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Use as a Fire Escape

Our French casement windows are also part B compliant – the ideal windows to be used as fire escapes, should the occasion arise.

Easy to mantain
Easy to Maintain

With hinges that are easy to clean and with the overall low-maintenance nature of these French casement windows, it will not take a lot to keep them looking fresh.

Great Ventilation

Open both vents fully or just the primary sash for getting more air into your home when those summer months roll around.

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Eco Friendly

These French casement windows are fully lead free and recyclable. With these installed in your property, you will be able to help out both your Brentwood home and the environment at the same time.

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Completely Compliant Windows

The windows also comply with the most up to date building regulations and you will not find it difficult to see the potential for your Brentwood home.

sightlines icon
Satisfyingly Slim Sightlines

With great glazing, these French casement windows have some of the slimmest sightlines on the market today.

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Why Buy Our French Casement Windows?

As these windows can open incredibly widely, your Brentwood home will let in a good quantity of light, regardless of the location installed within your property. When opened, the mullion moves with the sash, so no gorgeous view will become blocked, either. Our French casement windows will truly be a sight for sore eyes.

Dependably Secure

As our SAC Window locks are Secure by Design accredited, you can trust that these are reliable and secure fittings for a window. Security and design go together in harmony with our French casement windows. One element will not compromise the other.

Customisation Choices

We have a plethora of different ways for you to customise the visuals and performance of these French casement windows. From hardware to accessory and glazing choices, your windows will be made to your exact tastes.

Long Lasting

You will truly be adding to the value of your Brentwood home with these long lasting windows. With our 10-year guarantee, and with no varnishing or repainting necessary, you will find that our French casement windows have been made to stand the test of time.

French Casement Windows Installers Chelmsford

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French Casement Windows Chelmsford

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