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uPVC Windows Corringham

We install a fantastic range of uPVC Windows to homes in Corringham.

uPVC Windows Corringham

Upgrade your home in Corringham with our uPVC windows. We offer an extensive collection of window styles so you can be sure to find the right design for your home or commercial property. Whether this is a contemporary or traditional build, we guarantee we will have something to suit the existing look. Add value to your property with our windows.

Take advantage of unrivalled levels of energy efficiency, security, strength and longevity. As well as this, the windows excel in insulating your home from sound and weather. The uPVC windows are double glazed as standard, so you can be sure that your home will achieve new levels of performance. Choose a product that will stand the test of time.

Here at SWD Essex, we are proud to have over 20 years in the double glazing industry. We offer unrivalled customer service with every project in Corringham. Our products are designed to the highest standard from our market-leading suppliers. Tailor the look of your new window to your preferred style, from our colours, hardware and finishes.

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Key Features

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Maximum Security

We are very security conscious when it comes to our double glazing products. Each uPVC window is designed with a multi-point locking system in the handle. This will prevent the chance of forced entry, as the lock cannot be broken into from the outside. As well as this, we use shootbolts and secure hinges which are made to withstand force.

As well as the locking systems we have in place, the glass is fitted with security features. The pane is internally glazed, prevent exterior removal. This means it won’t be possible for unwanted intruders to break into your Corringham property. Keep your possessions safe, as well as your family, with our fantastic uPVC windows.

Thermally Efficient

The exceptional double glazing is fitted as standard in all our uPVC windows. This innovative advancement in home improvements works to regulate the heat in your Corringham home. The glass traps pockets of warm air, keeping your existing heating inside your home. Additionally, the fantastic windows maintain a comfortable temperature during summer, preventing an excess of heat. By relying less on your heating, you will notice a drop in your energy bills. This will fundamentally save you money in the long-term. As well as this, the less you use your heating the lower your carbon emissions will be. This is because your home is producing less harmful gasses. Make a positive choice for the environment when you opt for our eco-friendly uPVC windows.


As a material, uPVC is durable and robust. It can withstand wind and rain without causing internal damage. The window will prevent water ingress which could have caused damp and mould with older profiles. Take advantage of a renovation that won't warp, crack, rot or distort over time. The uPVC windows will look just like new thanks to the superior materials. uPVC windows are the perfect choice for busier households in Corringham, as well as those with time spare. This is because of the low maintenance that's needed for the window to perform at its best. Simply wipe down the moveable elements of the windows with a damp cloth. Enjoy a sleek, stylish window that will function for years to come.

Range of Styles

We offer a selection of styles for the uPVC windows for Corringham customers. Our range will certainly match your home, as each product has its own unique style. Choose from our casement, tilt and turn, French casement, sliding sash or flush sash windows. All the windows we offer excel in security, energy efficiency, sound resistance and endurance in the weather. Make the finished look bespoke to your aesthetic. We offer colours and finishes, with a durable coating for increased longevity. The colour portfolio will match either traditional or modern builds. We also offer a selection of hardware accessories which you can tailor to your choice of style. Improve your Corringham property with our uPVC windows.

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Enhance your Corringham home with our range of uPVC Windows. You can get in touch through our online contact form, or give us a ring on 01268 281400. A member of our team will be happy to help.

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